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"Guardian" Absorptive Roadside Noise Barriers
Introducing the alternative - super strong, galvanised steel "Guardian" absorptive noise barriers providing excellent results in the critical low frequency range, indicative of general freeway traffic noise
  • A tested and proven design in reducing annoying traffic noise
  • Excellent sound attenuating qualities for residents living behind the barriers
  • Trouble free installation, allowing panels to be changed or replaced
  • Panel infills can be changed or upgraded at any time
  • Designed for 20+ years life, with excellent weather and vandal resistance

Measurements of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss in Accordance with ISO 140/1 & 140/3 (AS1191) by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


Measurements of Absorption Coefficients in Accordance with ISO 354 (AS1045) by the CSIRO Division of Building, Construction and Engineering