Aus Welding Consumables
ACN: 005 298 797   
Australian Manufacturers of:
  • Silver Solders, Silver Brazing Alloys, bare or flux coated
  • Manganese, Tobin, Nickel Bronze/Silver flux coated gas rods
  • Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Hard-facing welding electrodes
  • Stainless Steel TIG Welding Rods
  • Wire Straightening and Cutting
  • Brazing flux, Brazing Service
  • Refurbishing and manufacturing electrical contacts and contact materials
  • Extruded and drawn wire products for STG, F/Ag, Copper and Copper Alloy wires
  • Drawn to sizes required
  • Please fax for any other wire enquiry.

    Our service also includes Printing of flux coated brazing rods, and welding electrodes, for private branding.

    Factory 4, 46 Holloway Drive
    Bayswater       3153  
    Victoria     Australia

    Phone: +61 3 9761 1099
    Fax:      +61 3 9761 1899



    Sales & Operations Manager,
    National & International:   
    Arvo Pakarinen

    Production Manager:

    Brian Gibson

    Brand Name Products

    L.T. FLUX  and H.T. FLUX 
    for silver brazing applications